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C++/CLI in Action download
C++/CLI in Action download

C++/CLI in Action. Nishant Sivakumar

C++/CLI in Action
ISBN: 1932394818,9781932394818 | 416 pages | 11 Mb

Download C++/CLI in Action

C++/CLI in Action Nishant Sivakumar
Publisher: Manning Publications

Now, we will add the execution of this bat to the post build event actions of our WPF project. After reading the answers from the links provided above, I found that PInvoke is used mainly for existing C libraries, meanwhile for C++ libraries it is preferred to create a C++/CLI wrapped. Do all of your events pass through a queue of some kind? Although not evil by itself, you are making this a lot harder than it has to be. Total number of people voted: 1. I have a C++ DLL which just exports a single function that returns a pointer to a class and I want to be able to use that class in C# so I need to make a C++/CLI wrapper. With C++/CLI, developers can integrate existing C++ code into the .NET platform without rewriting their applications. Of course, if you want to create a C interface for your interface, go ahead, but it wasn't my case . File will allow us to copy our cppbusinesslogic.dll to the destination folder of the WPF project. The designers of C# made the .. Put this poll on your blog/website. It seemed like there was a lot of buzz when it first came out, but now it seems like Microsoft is ignoring it and focusing on C#. Nish's latest book C++/CLI in Action published by Manning Publications is now available for purchase. Does anyone have any insights into the future of C++/CLI? Nishant Sivakumar – C++/CLI in Action Published: 2007-04-18 | ISBN: 1932394818 | PDF | 416 pages | 19 MB. Book Description C++ is the language of choice for thousands of applications and millions of lines of code. C++ is the language of choice for thousands of applications and millions of lines of code. By default in c++ there is no queue like this (there is a windows os level event queue, but that is likely managed already and unusable in c++-cli and you did not indicate if this closely mapped onto your problem), there If you make an action undo/redo class it could be a template or generic that stores pointers/delegates to the the do and undo functions, and a list of arguments from when it was originally called. In C++/CLI, the Microsoft VC++ team is giving us a destructor that internally gets compiled to the Dispose method and the old finalizer gets an alternate syntax, so we basically have finalizers and destructors as two separate entities that behave differently as they should have in the previous version.

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